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About Me

Growing up humbly in the Philippines, I found joy in the creative arts such as painting and drawing, guitar and ukulele, singing, and dancing. Later in life, I was to find a calling in makeup artistry and photography. Makeup artistry and photography allowed me to share in my creativity and imagination for beauty with others. My first business venture was managing and operating two beauty salons in the Philippines where I specialized in bridal makeup, so it was only natural that I started with makeup when I moved to Kansas in 2016. As I established myself as a makeup artist in the Wichita area, I continued to develop my vision of being a successful photographer and now that vision is being realized.

As a wife and a mother of four, I know what moments matter most: those with whom we love. Unfortunately, in a busy world that is only getting busier (and more socially distant), these moments are fleeting. What better way to eternalize those moments than capturing it with my camera? I adore the connections people have with each other - that obvious bond of love, friendship, and security. Seizing those moments of laughter, smiles, excitement, and love is what I aspire to do for every one of my clients at every one of their sessions. Nothing in this world is more valuable than the relationships we have with each other and I just want to put it in pictures.

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Thank you for the inquiry. I will be with you soon!

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